Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Red Soil, Albino Witchcraft Trade, Piles of Fire and a Man in a Tire: A Weekend in Arusha

It was my second hour of reggae accompanied by an African landscape. Scenes of Masai with herds of cattle faded and I finally took out my headphones upon our near collision with a group zebras- thus began my first safari.
Have you ever been in a vehicle without suspension? Only if you’ve felt the sensation of one of those vibrating belts (that women used to use on their butts to get rid of cellulite) on your FACE.
After ten hours of being jostled around in that safari vehicle none of us were in good condition… but we all had pictures of giraffes, zebras, lions, elephants, baboons, exotic birds- you name it, we have the pictures.

So that was our weekend- getting home is a new story:
Hotdog Farts.
The last time I literally tried to breathe less was during a teenage end-my-dependence-on-the-physical-world-FUCK-oxygen phase. Fat man, is it you? And yes, I would love to do some work for your NGO with you. See you Thursday.

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