Sunday, February 22, 2009

Snorkeling off the coast of Zanzibar

So many fish! All sizes, shapes, colors and the coral formations matched them in variety!
Then there was the water.
The water was a color I've never seen before. I say that mostly because I'm not sure water has ever made me feel that way before. It was a color that surely nothing besides that water itself could replicate. Knowing that I'll never feel that way again, until I see that very water again, was... well, have you ever seen something so enchanting that it makes you feel the way it looks?
Have you ever seen something so beautiful that you know you won't understand its beauty again until it is physically in front of your eyes? Remembering, even looking at a picture, cannot replicate the emotion it provokes. That was the color of the water, the color we were surrounded by, it went for miles.

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