Friday, April 3, 2009

Conversation of the Week

"Oh my god, did I tell you that I left toilet paper in a national park?! But... I figured it would disintegrate." -Friend to remain unnamed

"Yeah definitely, probably really fast too if it was touching your radioactive shit." -me

"It was neon green and yellow... Man, I hope my guide didn't see me shit behind that bush."-Friend to remain unnamed


  1. LOL..reminds me of our beloved Quote board! :D

  2. haha true story.
    ahhh writing down tid bit convos like that make my day :)

  3. Actually, this is an appropriate time an place to confess (to all the world...) that I have performed a similar feat on more than multiple occasions during my India travels. Having said that however, coming from a non-Indian, the event just seems more noteworthy.