Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Things that made my mouth drop open

1) We were leaving Mwenge, an open air market, and moments after jumping into a daladala we heard a thud. Did the door really just fall off? Is that guy really carrying it while running along side the daladala?
Granted every daladala I've ever seen is in awful condition... but never had one of the sliding van doors completely fallen off!

2) Tanzanian TV: For the first time the girls and I got a glimpse at a TV when we went to see Todd off at his research flat. The first music video that came on was Ricky Martin and Christina Agulara.

3) Mary and I got really drunk at our dinner with our Professor's family on the beach. Conclusion to this event: discussing strippers and bachelor parties with our Prof's son and nephew.


  1. What exactly is a daladala..? I am tempted to call it a da-la-la-la..has a nice 'ring' to it, don't you think..? ;)

  2. I think this calls for photos.....
    : )

  3. a daladala is their form of public transportation. it looks like a mini van but they fit probably 20 people inside and it costs about 30 cents to go anywhere.
    you get some armpits in your face and always hit the biggest bumps in the road, but it sure is cheap!